Paula Patton Warcraft Nude Orc Chick Real Pics Revealed

Paula Patton Warcraft Nude Orc Chick Real Pics Revealed | CelebNews image 37

Paula Patton Nude Warcraft Pictures are Hot

These Paula Patton nude pics will make you melt! We all know Paula Patton has nude pics from other movies getting naked for 2 Guns before for a sex scene.
The new Warcraft movie with Paula is the only female star and yet she looks rather green in the movie because she is a half breed Orc and Human, in the video game from Blizzard Entertainment she is rather half Dranei and half Orc but Garona – (Paula Patton makes our top celebrity nude list because she is hot and we love WoW game!)  does not know the truth that she is actually half Dranei and not Human till later she learns her real past. She fits the role in the movie as Garona Halforcen who is seen in the game World of Warcraft for years since 2004 in Orgrimmar the Orcs main city in Azeroth and her story is important and interesting in the game.

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Paula-Patton did some nude scenes in movies before so here they are hope you like your Orc girl from Warcraft because she is hot i mean look at that rack on this woman she is really sexy.

Garona Being Sexy and Tough in Warcraft movie

Paula Patton
Come to think of it, when I look at Paula Paton nude, I am tempted to look at J’los too. I don’t know if it is me but I have a feeling she is the slimmer version of J,Lo totally sexy and delicious babes from Hollywood. Paula Patton nude images are hot but she grew up just outside the street from the 20th century and it was just a matter of time before she became a part of it.
She first started her career by working behind the scenes. She got her roles on Hitch that is in 2004 then Idlewild (2006). She was also the female lead on Déjà vu (2006) where she he had her first skin scene. She was once married to Alan Thicke’s son musician Robin Thicke but soon ditched him in 2013. This was a great year as she also ditched her top on Flick 2 Guns (2013). This should at least get both of your barrels burning lol.
Born Paula Maxine Patton on December 5th 1975 is an American actress. She made her debut on film in 2005 comedy film Hitch. And later that year appeared on the musical film Idlewild. She was once married to Robin Thicke before ditching him on 2013.


For all the World of Warcraft fans out there Paula Patton nude gallery pics must be great to see your favorite Orc character you always wanted to see in real life. Well now you get to see your fantasy come true with this sexy half Orc half Dranei and the assassination of Stormwind King. The movie Warcraft is pretty good and they redone Azeroth just like in the video game and looks amazing.

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