Was Calvin Harris Taylor’s Next Big Mistake

Seems that Calvin Harris is leaving Taylor

Holy Shit, it is now confirmed Love is a game Taylor Swift likes playing. After 15 months of cuddling and imagining the best things Life could ever provide Celebrity sweethearts Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift have finally called it quits. Even tough we all thought she had it perfect guess she got tired of her boy-toy yet she still makes our best celebrity nude gallery collection because Taylor is so petite and sexy. Harris made his confirmation on Friday on Twitter confirming to his 7 million followers that things had ended amicably with the Blank space singer.

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Taylor Swift split from her boyfriend

For Calvin Harris, the spark in his relationship with Taylor Swift had fizzled out even before he called it quits. XIMAGE has learned that the 26 year old pop star and the 32 year old Scottish DJ music producer whose real name is Adam Wiles split last week. There was no big blowout fight but pure romance just was not there anymore for them.
Our sources also confirmed that it was Harris who ended the relationship. Even though the breakup was harmoniously swift is taking it really hard. However, this is not as hurting as how their fans felt who took to twitter expressing how they have lost faith in true Love. It has also been pretty tough for the DJ who was recovering from injuries sustained in a violent car accident.



Finally speaking after the break up on his twitter handle, Calvin had this to say
“The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect,”
Now the big question is, are we ready for another of Taylor’s song or album? Has she finished writing another chapter of her next mistake or perhaps her love game…..Well, watch this space LOL!!!

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