Tweeter Nude Selfie by Kim Kardashian Again!

Tweeter Nude Selfie by Kim Kardashian Again! | CelebNews image 2

West Kim Karsashian Tweeted New Nude Selfie once again

It’s now official; Kim is an internet breaking machine. Mrs West does it again #zerochills. She breaks the internet again this time with a naked selfie Ohhh Lord; when I was just about to think I had seen enough of Kardashians this happens. Even tough the duo Kim and Emily Ratajkowski got all nude on Twitter On Monday, Kim posted a picture of herself in the buff with black bars strategically placed and the caption.

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Kim Kardashian’s Controversial Nude Selfie Picture Uncensored Version

We all sure you heard or seen the Kim-Kardashian censored fully naked selfie that she released but we got the uncensored version of the picture so you can see Kim completely in her birthday suit.

“When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.”


This selfie generated some heat across all quarters both positive and negative. Someone’s idea of lascivious fun positioned her in an embarrassing position that she was forced to post a second picture of herself in response to those who criticized her first picture. Its not like Kim-Kardashian worst butt selfie photos that she kept taking.

Well indeed probably we are seeing the after effects of Kanye’s $50 million debt taking a toll on KK or is it the current competition in the Kardashian family where we saw Khloe crowned the queen of the Bums hahaha you be the judge. Also if you want to see some hot Kylie Jenner sexy butt video then check it out! However this was not the epitome of Kim’s drama. Apparently a good chunk of women in showbiz found themselves nude in the wake of Kim Kardashian’s nude picture. Some of the Kardashian’s wannabe included Courtney Astodden who also posed nude like the kardashian with those black bars covering her pussy and nipples, Sharon Osborne, Kardashian very own step sister Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski are others.

This is not first time Mrs. West is exploding into the news cycle. She fist broke the internet when Kim Kardashian posed naked for the Paper Magazine, this was followed by a nude selfie in August and then news that she planned to eat the placenta of her son Saint West lol.

And while twitter was predictably awash in OMG and copious amounts of thirst there was also a general feeling of discomfort since she is a mother of two but we at Ximage are totally excited she can bare it all and make news for us. I can guarantee you this is not the last you are seeing of KK as there are rumors she is planning another raunchy photo shoot soon so we will keep this page updated. Ensure you check back again and share it with everyone you know especially if you are a Kardashian Fetish.

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