These Nude Amber Rose Pics Have to Be Seen!

These Nude Amber Rose Pics Have to Be Seen! | CelebNews image 10

All time nude photos of Amber Rose gotta see them

Now let’s forget Kim kardashian and Nicky Minaj for a moment. These two might be the queen of the butts but Amber Rose is just the mother of all queens. Ohh Lord where should I even begin?? First of all, she is like something straight from an animated adult comic with a shaved scalp , Latina curves and that kind of Booty is the only one capable of giving both the Kardashians and Nicki combined a run for their money. This girl is seriously like a female Stallion.

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Now Amber is not just sexy on her butts, she also has some super juicy boobies and trust me, if Kanye, nick Cannon and Wiz khalifa have been here you bet this is just no ordinary juice….. Amber Rose has been a stripper, she has posed naked and yes, with a myriad of skeletons in her naked wardrobe, there is no way she could miss a sex tape. Amber Rose has a sex tape with Nick Cannon.


The 32 year old mother of one has earned her legion of fans all thanks to her big perky tits and an amazing booty and of course her willingness to show them off. The reason she confessed she didn’t want fame but fame found her. We have seen all sides of Amber Rose from her fingering her Pussy to fondling her boobies.


Born Amber Levonchuck in October 21st 1983 is a model, actress and a fashion designer. At the age of 15, Amber performed striptease under the pseudonym “Paris” to provide for her family after her parents divorced. So if you like slim Latina nudes like Selena Gomez real leaked pics or perhaps Vanessa Hudgens nudes are for you then, but Amber-Rose is not shy to show off that strong body of hers. Her biggest breakthrough was when she posed for Louis Vuitton print advertisement with Kanye West’s sneaker line. I have a feeling when Amber finally decides to break the internet; she will overshadow Kim’s moment of fame and make it look like a child’s play. Watch this space.

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