Star Wars Girl Daisy Ridley Nude Photo Awakens

Star Wars Girl Daisy Ridley Nude Photo Awakens | CelebNews image 6

Daisy Ridley Awakens the force with her nude pictures for Star Wars fans

We all love Star Wars space opera franchise, the new actress is a English origin and she is the new main female character Daisy Ridley of Episode VII Lucas Films Star Wars The Force Awakens. She also confirmed that has read the original Episode 8 of Star-Wars books for the next release of the movie.

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Her Nude pics from Silent Witness British movie

Mrs. Daisy was not that famous previously but she did have a weird naked scene in this British movie Silent Witness, see the images for your self’s oh and yes they real and not fake at all. The young Jedi might not be a crazy UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey super woman but she does know how to handle a light-saber.

Latest Daisy Ridley news is that Kristen Stewart offers advice being famous


She told some good advice to Daisy, Kristen Stewart is getting lot of popularity now because she got give some Hollywood advice to upcoming Star Wars Disney super star.

These are all the scene pictures of her full nude on the table in this movie. The Star Wars Episode 7 girl is not shy and we are certain she will do a spread to some big Magazine names pretty soon as she gets more popular due to a movie title that is the most famous franchise of all times. Also before the movie was released Comedian Amy Schumer made fun of Star Wars which was very controversial.


To sum it all up for you guys the new actress Daisy Ridley for Star Wars The Force Awakens is the new big thing right now next to Jennifer Lawrence famous nude leaks or Natalie Portman former Episode 1,2,3 actress, we will see a lot more of her in the future release of the new episode 8 movie. We will be adding any new nudes of Ridley as she gets to have some hopefully in the future.

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