Snooki Naked Photos Nicole Polizzi Shows it All

Snooki Naked Photos Nicole Polizzi Shows it All | CelebNews image 10

So ever wondered how Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki’s nudes look like?

I never thought a 4,8 could never have such a clean and beautiful pussy before I saw Snookies. Yummy!! Well I am not discriminating I am just the 6 foot type but Snooki nudes got me thinking again. For a moment I thought men are such ungrateful Mitch’s how on earth could you be the legal husband to all these untamed glory and still bang it once a year?? Are you gay or dysfunctional i mean damn? I would do Selena Gomez ass then her but, yes you have heard me. She dropped the bombshell in her new memoir last year that she and Jionni LaValle have sex once a year and I thought poor Snooki! We can safely say that Adrienne Bailon face looks somewhat like hers but Bailon’s nude leaks are amazing to watch.
The 27 year old was dismayed at the rate of publicity she was attracting first she became pregnant and soon after her beautiful monster was out, first it was claimed it was her ex boyfriend who leaked the photos but until now, it still remains a mystery.

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Born Nicole Elizabeth LaValle on November 23 1987 is an American reality TV personality and dancer best known for her role as Snooki & Jwoww on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. Since the launch of the show, she has gained so much popularity appearing in a number of talk shows. She has also appeared on WWE Raw as the guest hostess in 2011 and competed in WrestleMania XXVII the same year.

Here is all the real original nudes of skank Snooki


As her relationship is on the rocks with allegations of her husband cheating we just hope she can be a little bit generous and give us more of Snookie monster. After role her relationship is going to crush and I am not being a prophet of doom we got so much L.O.V.E for you Snooki.

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