Retro 70’s Francesca Natividad aka “Kitten” Nude

Retro 70's Francesca Natividad aka “Kitten” Nude | CelebNews image 18

70s nudes of Francesca Natividad aka “Kitten”

Holy mama oley, Francesca Natividad has been one hell of a boobylicious thing. In fact, she was the first major porn babe to receive a universal acclamation due to her big tits. She was also voted Miss Nude Universe in 1970 and 1971. It was these huge mammary glands that attracted legendary Boobster movie director Russ Meyer who decided to bring her into his bevy of buxom beauties and decided to give her the purrfect nickname, “Kitten” aaaaw.

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Do You Remember the 70’s How Nudity Was Then?

Well take a look over 40 years ago having a vagina bush was the thing yet the female body was still sexy!

It is after this that kitten decided to shake her super shakers in Meyer’s all nude Greek Chorus UP 1976 and then she even went to shake them more in Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens 1979. However, before Kitten was discovered, she was a dancer, stripper and a burlesque performer. Today, she inspires a new generation of buriesque performers and is the star of the new documentary Legue of exotic dancers which focuses on the golden age of Burlesque.



Born Kitten Natividad in February 13th 1948 is an American Film Actress, exotic dancer and a pornstar. She is popular for her 44 inch chest and appearance in cut films with her ex partner director Russ Meyer.
It is not every day you meet a 44 inched chest mamasita. If i was you i would head over to our celebrity scandal list after this retro crap. After kitten sank her claws into several men meow-wow-wow, it is unfortunate she suffered breast cancer and underwent double mastectomy. But hey, I know some of you still lust and fantasize with her boobies’ every night so I have some of her freshest uncut nudes here. Check them out and be the judge.

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