The Kardashians Never Cease To Amaze Us

The Kardashians Never Cease To Amaze Us | CelebNews

Once again Kim Kardashian trying to brake the internet

The “Keeping up with the Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian decided to give us another of her internet breaking machine this time with the cover of the GQ magazine. This is the first time she is posing for the magazine but she did really better just like the paper magazine cover. Honestly, who doesn’t know Kim Kardashian and the way she broke the internet with her 2014 paper magazine cover and the subsequent love magazine shoot all thanks to her massive bum. Her friends photos of Emily Ratajkowski nudes are amazing and way hotter.
When Kanye West was asked what he thinks about that magazine cover, he thought it was absolutely amazing and that it actually a “work of art”. Those who had thought Kim had retired from her nudity show off after given birth to their second child Saint West were absolute wrong. As I always say, the Kardashians are always unabashedly themselves and they will ensure that they remain on our lips.

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GQ Magazine Shoots semi nude Photos of Kim

Check out these Kim Kardashian photos and tell us what you think of the GQ magazine cover.
XImAGE does not find this surprising at all I mean would have suited better for the cover of GQ’S 10th-anniversary Love, sex and madness issue if not Kim Kardashian West? And when it comes to Kim, what did you really expect if not this lol. Going by her past, her real goal is not just an image that will grace newsstands for a few weeks but she was out to ensure that her images is imprinted in all the perverts mind for the next one month or even more. A Kim cover is capable of changing the leading constant in the word “cover” the same way Kim Kardashian.Inc is now capable of putting a stamp and branding on almost all the products there is to be sold with an ineffaceable image
Kanye West fell in love with that cover. In fact, he told her that it is her sexiest look so far and that he wants the photo blown up and framed on the wall. Her little sister like Kylie Jenner is modeling now too but not as crazy as Kim. The picture had Kim fully nude but with a trench coat partially covering her. Kanye thinks the crape is a masterpiece, a work of art.
In the pic, Kim appears to stare directly into the camera. She has a sparse makeup while the focus remains on her full lips. She is completely naked but not like her previous NSFW pics that broke the internet. She has a trench coat that drapes the key body parts that would otherwise make this issue not to be displayed on newsstands. The copy inside has a number of Kims picture too in her raunchiest state as usual. I am just glad when Kim decides to give you something; she goes out full swing nothing spared.



Well she did it again and now she got featured in the most celebrity spread magazine GQ and Kim just cant stop showing her self off as being the naked selfie queen of all times.

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