Fappening Part2 Leaked Nude iCloud Pic Gallery

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Fappening Part2 Leaked Cell Phone Nudes

Alright then here goes the Fappening naked celebrity list continues folks. There where more then 500 celebrities that had their iCloud hacked and as you know it The Fappening surfaced it all out to the public online. These 50 celeb nudes are juicy we are certain you will recognize some of the celebrities on here that you seen in some sort of movie onetime. If you haven’t seen the the fappening part3 then better check out the fappening list of series we have collected and organized for you guys to enjoy all the celebrity full naked images.

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1. Kelly Brook

Celebrated English glamour model and public figure Kelly Brook is the perfect reminder that femininity has taken a huge backslide and diminished rapidly over the past two decades. Like most celebrities who spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics every year, she has a supple ravishingly curvy figure and an ample, juicy bosom to boot. Lusciously divine and tempting at the same time, we kid you not. If anything, it is not hard to see why celebrity Kelly Brook’s nakedness are some of the highly sought pics in the inter-webs today. And to our delight, and that of other die-hard’s in the fappening community, Kelly Brook’s sumptuous nudes have been leaked – not just once – but twice! The first set was the product of the mass i Cloud hack of September 2014, and more recently, another leak surfaced in late April 2015. Although she claims that she leaked the second round of the sexy photos intentionally, we wouldn’t mind another glimpse of that fine bubbly ass, now would we? Keep them coming, Kelly Brook! We sure as hell we’ll also cum…oops!

2. Tara Reid

Back in the 90s, Tara was hot as fuck! And that was just before her ill-advised plastic surgery messed her up. Former Ms. Sexy was well-known for her role in the TV series American Pie when her 1999 film Body Shots surfaced, which to some extent gave her celebrity status, and catapulted Tara Reid to famous nude stardom. New Jersey born and raised, Tara Reid is the definition of a nice Catholic girl of Irish descent turned to a sexy monster. Ok, ok, fine. She did a couple of movies from back in the day, but sadly, most of them were basic rubbish. In fact, the only reason we watched them was to immerse ourselves in the pure bliss of her crazy sex scenes that seemed to part of her acting signature. It is a win-win for everyone, isn’t it?

3. Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza is one of the few unlucky celebrities who was dumb and careless enough to pose with her long legs spread and then store the same pics on her phone. Of course, Aubrey Plaza leaked nude pictures were then traced and online for the fappening nation to drool over by malicious hackers. Before her naked stardom, Aubrey Plaza was famous for her role in April in Parks and Recreation and looked like the good-girl-next-door until we saw her droopy busted pussy lips from her nudes. It is no doubt that the has ridden her fair of cocks going by her nasty-looking meat hole.

4. Hilary Duff

A former Disney Star, Hilary Duff’s pics are the most nude elusive photos you can land online. And not just that, from what we gather, her lady bits looks a bit too tight and small for her sinful history. So is not surprising that she had denied them dauntlessly in the past. Yes, we honestly expected a busted cock-box to match those dropping titties. On the positive light, though, Hilary Duff’s bikini pics expose some fruity ass that the fapenning crew would love to lick their screens for. Good job Duff!

5. Francesca Natividad “Kitten.”

There is no denying that she’s one hell ass of a bootylicious piece of meat. If anything, her big titties has granted her universal popularity especially in the fappenning world of cum and glitz. Francesca Kitten also has the Miss Nude Universe crown ( 1970-71) to add to her long list of ‘achievements.’ And given her pubic bush that she loves to display ever so shameless, there are no prizes for guessing where her tag ‘kitten’ was plucked from.

6. Rebecca Ferguson

Over the past few years, Rebecca Ferguson has time and again proven that she has some serious potential in the adult movie industry. Never mind that she has previously driven a couple of fapenning aficionado nuts with her lustrous role in the series ‘War of the Roses’. Well, take a quick lustful look at some of celebrity Rebecca Ferguson leaked nudes, and you would naturally imagine how those sweet mammary glands with sharp titties would be bouncing as she rides your meat. Forbidden fruit tastes sweet; we understand fellas.

7. Sophie Turner

The ‘Games of Thrones’ saucy redhead is everything a fappening addict would die for. She has posed several times nude completely, and unlike most celebrities, she has had no apologies whatsoever! We also have no regrets for drooling over her slight frame, excellent titties, and tight, well-shaven wet hole. And we all hope that her hot-blooded, fiery spirit continues to grace our screens even as HBO’s ‘Games of Thrones’ nears an impending end.

8. Rose Leslie

Like, Sophie Turner, the Scottish actress has carved her stardom out of the popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’. Her sexy, flirty, dangerous, and virile side comes to life in these ginger titties nudes. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that Rose Leslie is said to been born from a noble family and raised in a 15th century Aberdeen Castle. But as fapenning battalion, we wouldn’t care less. All we know is that her bouncy tits and tight snatch would be a prized gem for any masculine man bold enough to undress her.

9. Oona Chaplin

Another seductive figure from HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones,’ Oona Chaplin has proven that good looks on the screen also translates to excellent content for the fappening world. She has defiantly and unapologetic-ally Oona Chaplin made it to the top of the nudes celebrity list with her perky tits and well toned ass. Seriously, though, she is a promising up-and-coming actress but with an even brighter future in the cum-guzzling world should she venture way. And we strongly and unanimously recommend that, don’t we?

10. Beyonce

Beyonce is no newcomer in the glitz world, we all know her and pick her out from a crowd in Tokyo. But Beyonce’s full nudes have a been a bit elusive as the super starlet knows how to keep her hip huggers well buttoned up. You can’t really blame her given that she is married to one of the most influential hip-hop artist of our time – Shawn Corey Carter – and expecting twins. However, we have our fair share of her past twerking pics that does a lot of justice to her ample booty. Too bad for the perverts with a fetish for Queen Bee’s flesh, that’s all you will be getting for now. Well, until she decides to be a little careless in the future.

11. Iggy Azalea

Iggy’s is a gem in the fappening nude world, thanks to her clownishly large hindquarters that are a clear proof of a continuous use of ass-fattening injections. And for a celebrity with a couple of sex tapes online, Iggy Azalea is doing pretty well for herself given that her badly-stretched lady hole is a couple of clicks away for any pervert to fap to. Let’s raise a glass for another hotshot celebrity who has decided to cater to our primal sexual urges, shall we?

12. Jennifer Lopez
J’lo is without a doubt one of the most influential J’lo Latina women in the United States. And Jennifer Lopez the Puerto Rican has given us a generous amount of naked pics of her insured sexy ass. Yes, you heard us right. Rumour has it that her toned round ass with firm butt cheeks is insured against ‘accidental damage’! Despite the fact she is well north of 45 years, there is no denying that her surprising shapely and toned posterior would be a joy to look at any day.

13. Angelina Jolie
Jolie has starred so many movies that it would be impossible not to spot her gallery on Pornhub. Her humanitarian and film excellence notwithstanding, Angelina also has some fire nudes tucked away in the interwebs. And for such as drop dead gorgeous woman, it is not surprising that she doesn’t have to take off all her clothes or expose her snatch for us to beat our meat. Yeah.

14. Charlie Riina

She might be a playboy armature, but she can get some heads turning and tongues wagging. She is less your average campus girl and more of your typical internet fantasy. It is no wonder that Playboy magazine has made it a mission to have this sexy siren on most issues to make naughty perverts cum every time they lay their hands on it. There is no shame in that, though. After all, Charlie Riina has some of the juiciest nude pics, ripe boobies in the market at the moment.

15. Jessica Alba

She is gorgeous, alright. But Jessica Alba’s fiery, sexy body is not the reserve of multi-million dollar budget movies only. Like most celebrities before her, Jessica Alba’s nudes are all over the internet, credit to determined hackers and their narcissist carelessness. To our delight, in some, she shamelessly spreads her legs exposing some moist innards of her lady-bits. That is if you won’t cum just by slavering over her toned piece of round ass.

16. Leighton Meester

Meester is a goddess in the realm of hacked celebrity nudes. And it is easy to see why. Her cute face compliments her curvy body so graciously that we are very jealous of the man she is having sex with in these leaked pics. From these gritty pics, it is evident that Leighton loves to ride dick nude when all top and then give a mind-blowing footjob later.

17. Demi Lovato

Demi’s career, just like Miley Cyrus kick started her career via Disney Channel. Fortunately for us here at the fappening world, she had some personal issues, namely ‘growing pains,’ while metamorphosing to stardom. And, as expected, it resulted in some steamy Demi Lovato nudes somewhere along the way. Nice ass there, Demi.

18. Krysten Ritter
Krysten’s nudes were littered all over the internet recently during the latest celebrity iCloud scandal. And, boy, our ‘Jane’ from the series ‘Breaking Bad’ has some badass sexy curves to match her plain average-looking face. If you are the kind of pervert who doesn’t mind a little bush down there, then Krysten Ritter’s leaked nude pics will interest you.

19. Olivia Wilde

She is well-known for her stunning, well-executed role as a bi-sexual girl in The O.C. As if that wasn’t enough, she followed it up with her role as a bi-sexual nurse in House. There is no doubt that Olivia Wilde is a nasty blue-eyed lesbian but Olivia’s overly slender nude body makes it up for horny pervs who have wet dreams of filling up slim models.

20. Penelope Cruz

Undoubtedly one of the hottest Spanish actress of all time, Penelope Cruz scaled her way to the top by virtue of her simmering sexuality and smoky English accent. And like most even Penelope euro nude models, she doesn’t have a problem undressing in front of a camera as these nudes from her steamy movie scenes reveal. She has also been spotted topless on the beach several times by the paparazzi, and she has no qualms about that.

21. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is the embodiment of your typical Hollywood actress. Dark long hair, smoking hot, pretty smoldering eyes and a couple of nude pics online. And an additional feather in her cap, Kunis has exposed her nude round ass and hairy lady cave in more than a dozen fapenning movie clips and stills floating around on the interwebs. Nicely played out, Mila.

22. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Affectionately christened as Jennifer Love big boobies, Jennifer Hewitt is one of the sexiest nude brunette celebrities in Hollywood. And like most celebs with an average career forged out of a few poorly scripted movies, Hewitt has about two dozen real and photo-shopped nudes a few clicks away from here. Although she had never gone fully clotheless, Jennifer has been spotted braless a couple of times giving us a rare view of her massive cleavage.

23. Sandra Bullock

She has that typical sexy-but-not-too-hot brunet look. This is the kind of girl that you would envision yourself having a one-night-stand with and not regretting it later. She has a few popular movies, and she’s pretty comfortable with playing a few nude scenes in the process too. It is no wonder Sandra Bullock’s topless nude photos have around online for quite some time now.

24. Doutzen Kroes

Supermodels typically have no qualms getting naked, and the script does not read any different here. Doutzen, who has starred in Vman Magazine for several years now decided to surprise us with Doutzen fully nude photos of her gorgeous frame. Heck, we even have close up pics of her cute-looking cock-box (pussy). Her pert ass is a story for another day, though.

25. Aly Michalka
She is another fine, sexy ass blonde, smoldering hot from Disneyland. Like most of her close relatives, including her very own mother, she has been unable to keep her indiscretions away from the thirsty fap nation. Her topless photos displaying her succulent mammoth boobies have since gone viral just like her mom’s – Carrie Michalka – MILF photo scandal. It’s inevitable that it is only a downward spiral from here with Aly Michalka awesome nude pics that have surfaced. Hurray, another one has gone down for the fappening battalion.

26. Chloe Dykstra

‘Daddy is a millionaire visual effects wizard, and I work as a part-time model’ is the perfect recipe for a nice spoiled slut with a juicy pair of tits. Chloe is so oblivious of the whole fappenning thing that she one confessed her slutty side in a live one-on-one interview. Well, the internet never forgets, and what followed were some of the best nerdiest nudes we have ever laid our eyes on. Feast on, perverts!

27. Briana Evigan

Those of us who watched Step Up 3D can pick out Briana Evigan from a crowd. Being a professional dancer, Evigan has a remarkably fit body and a tasty-looking poo-tang. The movie siren has a few ‘decent’ nude photos online too ( as if to stamp her Hollywood celebrity dominion ). Although, we have no regrets whatsoever for slobbering over her cute ass.

28. Sarah Shahi

It seems as if Texas is the next big thing as far as scandalous celebrity pics go. A Texas native herself, Sarah Shahi proves that having a Persian descent mixed with a little Spanish blood is the perfect combination for excellent looks and ample booty. And to the delight of my fellow sex-starved perverts like you, she has an array Sarah Shahi bomb-ass nudes littered online. Speaking of ass, she has a quite obsessed with it given the sheer number of semi-nude mirror ass selfies.

29. Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer can easily go down as one of the most successful, monied female entertainers of the 21st century. Unlike the flock of her kind, Jennifer appears eternally well-maintained, beautiful and incredibly gorgeous. Well, that was before she hit the wall and her once perky titties and well-toned ass become saggy and droopy. Knock yourself out fellas because Aniston’s favorite this is nude beaches and she loves being a nudist.

30. Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby is one of the few celebrities that have managed to successfully evade the fappenning Thunderbolt for the past two decades. But that wasn’t until determined efforts of iCloud hackers bared her dark skeletons for the world to see. And boy these Shiri Appleby home made nudes are amazing, isn’t the diva blessed.

31. Brie Larson

An Oscar nominee and winner, Brie Larson crowned her acting career and stardom by blessing the fappening community with sexy leaked iCloud nudes. And from the look of things, it seems as if the mellow voice is not everything that she has to offer. Nice nude tits there, Brie we want more sexy pics.

32. Sarah Hyland

From a first glance, 25-year-old Sarah Hyland does not look a day older than 17. She is an awkward reminder of your first-ever girlfriend whom you only got to kiss but not to spread out her nudes pert ass for some deep dicking. We can blame for being a clueless teenager, anyways. Well, thirsty fappening diehards, I am pleased to announce that you have a second chance with Sarah Hyland nude well trimmed kitty crotch. Be sure not to waste it, though.

33. Lake Bell

Quite a peculiar name. And with such an unusual name, you’re never quite sure what nudity to expect. Surprise, surprise. The former Boston Legal celebrated Lake Bell has some leaked photos nude out there for everyone to see. She is slim, yes, but gloriously endowed with natural big round ass titties as these pics depict. The type that most of you seasoned pervs wouldn’t mind fapping to. What more can we ask of a woman who is well past her prime anyway?

34. Teresa Palmer

Aussie chicks have a couple of things in common; one them is that they are irrepressibly hot. Teresa Palmer is not any different, in fact, she is as hot, cute and talented as we would expect of any A-list actress. And if Teresa Palmers leaked private nude pics are anything to go, she has some serious potential in adult and blue movies industry.

35. Rachel McAdams

She got famous for her role as tempting ‘Regina George’ in Mean Girls. We also cannot forget her controversial role in ‘The Notebook.’ Don’t be deceived by her dashing looks; she is as talented as she is evasive of the fappening cams. Too bad that there are very few revealing McAdams nude photos of her online. We sincerely hope she becomes a tad indiscreet and undresses in front of a camera sooner rather than later.

36. Adele

A multiplatinum and celebrated artiste, Adele is quite a legendary figure in pop and glitz realm. And she can also set fire to your loins even if you’re not a fan of slow, mushy soft rock. Adele has leaked completely nude photos surfaced in the interwebs sometime in 2015, and we were all taken aback by her sexy ass, smoldering hot pussy lips, and well-toned ass. And, oh, she lost a couple of pounds too.

37. Gina Carano

A mixed martial art fighter and a fitness trainer; you all know the kind of body to expect from such a lethal combination. Our goddess doesn’t disappoint too. Toned, sexy-as-fuck, and simmering sexy, Gina Carano is every fappening addict fantasy. Gina Carano is not even shy to display her full nudity! Hell, what I would do for that toned and tanned pussy.

38. Kate Siegel

Kate Siegel is so darn hot that it is unfortunate that she only has her semi-nudes online. Unconfirmed rumors have it that her plastic surgeons turned down her request for breast enhancements that she really needed to stay ahead of the curve. You see, when you are an average B-grade Hollywood actress, you need a piece of sexy ass to stay afloat in the highly competitive waters. And going by these raunchy photos, there is no doubt that Kate Seigel won’t be kicked to the curb soon.

39. Anna Kendricks

A tight pert ass complimented with snowy white bulbous breasts. That’s Anna Kendricks nudes for you. And, oh, before I forget, she has that innocent high school baby face that compensates for her snarky attitude as far as the fappening nation is concerned. We would love a bit more cleavage, though, Anna.

40. Felicity Jones

Boasting of some of the most spectacular boobs the glamor and fappening world has ever seen, Felicity is a nudity goddess in these streets. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise granted that she has graced Playboy magazine for several years now. Long story short, Felicity Jones leaks are Star Wars Jedi powers, like Anna Kendricks pics, are worth a second more than just a second glance.

41. Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly nudes are as common in the online sphere as her first name. Pressly has acted so many nude scenes that it has become impossible for us to pick all them out. However, we can all readily agree that Jaime is not shy to display her fantastic goodies for the public to salivate and fap to. Nicely played out, Pressly.

42. Gillian Anderson

One of the few remaining naturally blonde American actresses from the past era X-Files, Gillian Anderson also has some full frontal nude pics as part of her legacy. You gotta love Anderson, though. Posing naked like some twenty-something slut for cheap attention at almost 50 with nothing drooping titties to show takes some real guts. We only wish that she had started her newly-discovered hobby sooner!

43. Olivia Alaina May

She starred in one of the arguably craziest series of the 21st century. Her role as a high-class hooker in this adult-rated show is synonymous with her slutty side as these hot-as-fuck Olivia May nude photos reveal. Her massive boobies and firm ass are anything a pervert with their member in their palms would wish for. Feast on, people.

44. Teri Hatcher

There is little doubt that the ‘Desperate Housewives’ Superstar Teri Hatcher has a body that will leave your fiery loins satiated. And this could be the only reason her most recent movie – Cool Surface Teri Hatches nude scene – managed to get people to the theaters.

45. Carly Rae Jepsen

Canadian one-hit-wonder girl Carly Rae Jepsen is another celebrity that appears to have been struck with the fappening thunderbolt. And this time round, Carly Jepsen’s full nude pics were reportedly hacked before been spilled online for perverts to slobber over. And as a bonus, her sex tape, which has since gone viral, was added as a topping for her delicious dessert. Nice snatch there, Jepsen!

46. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Her nudes are almost everywhere nowadays. Heck, it is even harder to trace Vietnam on a world map than stumbling on Rosie Huntington’s slutty nude photos. But we can give her some credit for one thing – a pair of juicy nipples and toned ass. In fact, that’s all we need.

47. Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried has a pair of stunning clear hazel eyes, and a not to mention that Amanda Seyfried pair of cute pussy lips to go with it. In fact, after delicious upskirt and full frontal nudity were leaked online last April while she was in France, the fappening world hasn’t been the same again. Pure bliss.

48. Kat Dennings

This Philadelphia native uptown chick was only 14 years old when Kat Dennings landed a role in the hyped HBO series and super slutty Sex and the City back in 2002. And from the look of things, that’s a good way to start your young adult life – exposing your tight little snatch for money. Well, with Kat Dennings nude pictures show she is having such huge titties, it is obvious that she would have a such a promising career in the X-rated movie world.

49. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s physical appearance has unequivocally deteriorated over the past decade. She has gone from being the curvy, angelic natural blonde that we all know from back in the day to being, well, sorry to say this, an overweight bloated rapidly aging mid-40s MILF. Mariah Carey’s semi-nude bikini pics ( one has a boob popping out ) say it all. That said, we only wish she had been a little less shy and exposed more flesh for us perverts to drool over.

(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

50. Halle Berry

Arguably the hottest black actress to ever grace the land of Hollywood, Halle Berry has the best nude scene and perfect body any man would dream of. We are talking about an ample round black ass and perfectly shaped pear boobies to go with. It simply doesn’t get better than this people!


Well then this sums this fappening part2 up hope you enjoyed seeing some sexy nudes of your favorite Hollywood female leaked pictures as much as we did. Ximage will and always going to provide real paparazzi or leaked images of celebrity hacks and provide NSFW material.

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