Fappening Part 3 Celebrity Hacked Photos

Fappening Part 3 Celebrity Hacked Photos | CelebNews

Nude Hollywood iCloud Pictures Leaked

I never thought that I would have a chance to witness an event like the Fappening Thunderbolt in my short, miserable existence on earth. I’m pretty sure there are thousands if not millions out there that share these sentiments of the nude celebs. Seeing how the initial leaks were tantalizing, we dug deeper for more Hollywood hacked photos, and you won’t believe what we found, enjoy. Welcoming to part 3 y’all and if you missed the other fappenings then here is fappening part4 as well.

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1. Eva Green

Eva is known for her intense performances on camera and her will to do whatever it takes. I bet many men had created many fantasies with this French actress and were thanking the heavens when pictures of her hot ass came online for some fappening. It is not hard to see why; when you have some of the best tits on the market and a curvaceous posterior that some of us would pay top dollar for, you can afford to pose naked and get away with it. She is without a doubt the epitome of nudity, and it is a shame that some clueless movie directors ( in some of her latest actress roles ) did not let her tear up her shirt and bare her nipples for the perverts to slobber over.

2. Nina Agdal

When the first topless photos of this Danish model were leaked online back in 2015, she was an instant hit. Just by taking a quick glance at those steamy ‘maiden’ pics there is little doubt that Nina has an undisputed ability to keep her lady-bits hidden while posing with only shreds of fabric covering her tanned body. What followed were revealing photos and even a bikini booty dance video that will leave you harder than the Malaysian mountain rocks.

3. Margot Robbie

After ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ I must admit even I was waiting to see more of Margot Robbie’s beautiful shapely ass. The Australian actress significantly aided the fappening with over 50 photos leaked and boy does she look hot. If anything, Margot has easily more sex tapes online for us perverts than the average Hollywood celebrities. More famously is the extended sex scene from the ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ where Leonardo DiCaprio is ramming her tiny sweet cock hole. And from the look of things, it might be the only exciting thing in her otherwise shitty resume.

4. Sarah Silverman

Hacked Hollywood photos of Sarah Silverman showing her droopy tits were more than enough to gain her entry into this list. The actress, stand-up comedian, writer, and producer has dreamy eyes and tight looking cock sock. However, we must caution you that sagging milk sacks leave a lot to be desired, it might just spoil your ‘fap-etite.’ We strongly suggest that members should concentrate on her firm posterior while coercing their members.

5. Olga Kurylenko

Images of Olga Kurylenko nude with her fingers on her pussy were what many people were waiting to see next from this Russian model and actress. She without a shred of doubt a goddess on earth and there are no awards for guessing why she was chosen as the lead role as a hapless bond girl in ‘Quantum of Solace.’ Made possible by the iCloud hack, these leaks saw her grace the Playboy magazine and added some glitter to her stardom. And as usual, perverts had a field day drooling over her tanned tight snatch.

6. Erin Heatherton

Many people were used to seeing Erin Heatherton in a bikini or lingerie while modeling for Victoria’s Secret. Forget those; you need to see her tits and that ass in 3D to appreciate the beauty of this American model. Okay, let me take that back. She’s tall – over 6 feet – and quite freckled. You see, you’re either a fan of her acres of long legs or not. And if you happen to be one, her versatility in these nudes will blow you away.

7. Cat Deeley

A naked Cat Deeley revealing her little tits and pussy while drinking liquor from the bottle is enough to make it to this erotic list. The inter-webs are not forgiving, my people. The England producer and T.V host has even made it to famous porn sites thanks to the celebrity iCloud hack. Well, the photos are not that tantalizing, though. But we can’t blame her; she was well past her prime by the time the fappening hammer fell on her. We only wish that she had shaven that gruesome-looking busted cockbox.

8. Kerry Washington

Forget the sneak peeks you got from Scandal, the fappening needed photos of this ebony actress, and they came right on time. The American actress’ flappy pussy and firm tits are sure to get you in the zone. Going by the state of her lady cave, it is quite evident that her insatiable lust for power in Scandal is only surpassed by her craving for white cock. It is amazing how daddy’s girl princess can transform to a fiery, red-blooded monster in just a couple of clicks. Have a field day veterans!

9. Irina Shayk

Cristiano Ronaldo’s former girl is yet another Russian model who couldn’t keep her indiscretions under wraps, and the fappening nation has no choice but to thank for her participation. Celebrities often seen in bikinis, she took them all down to reveal some firm boobs and catapult her modeling career to stardom. Such a cliche’ we might add.

10. Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra probably has the best tits I’ve laid eyes on thus far. The American actress had swimsuit pictures circulating online while her show, True Detective was airing but her leaked nudes were what the fappening wanted.

11. Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder has had wave after wave of her nudes leaked since 2015. The last thunderbolt of the popular celebrity iCloud hack revealed photos of the American actress showing her hard nipples and some with her fingers on her pussy as if inviting you for a round of sinful pleasure.

12 Emily Kinney

From Harry Potter to Masters of Sex, Emily Kinney is the definition of a good girl gone totally nasty. The American actress is not the first to have hacked Hollywood photos, and a lot of people were waiting to see those tiny, firm tits in full view.

13. Ashley Greene

Don’t let the smile fool you; this American actress is as nasty as they come. Nice round tits and pendulous pussy lips show an entirely different side to this woman. She is another welcomed addition to the fappening, we can’t complain fellas.

14. Bella Thorne

Forget her girl-on-girl action and the ‘accidental’ bikini malfunctions. Bella Thorne has boobs to kill for, and a tight-looking sin-hole as depicted by these full frontal nudity poses. The American actress is among the few who merge the profession with singing, and the fappening only added to her star status. On a more serious note, we need more chicks like these.

15. Lea Michele

After Glee, many people were waiting to see if this American actress, singer, and an author would at least have a fappening scandal. Her best pictures surfaced last year revealing a graphic pussy. Still, her round boobs are the stuff of dreams.

16. Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe was a teen just a year ago, but hacked Hollywood photos have seen her contribute substantially to the fappening. The American actress and model revealed her small saggy boobs, and her ass will have you fantasizing all day.

17. Kate Bosworth

Even in her professional pictures, this blonde American actress and model looks like the ‘lady in the streets, freak in the sheets’ type of woman. Katie has over 30 photos showing not only her perky titties but a shaved pussy as well. We have only one request for you Kate; next time be sure to bend over nice and give us the full view of your toned hindquarters from behind.

18. Hannah Davis

Hannah is among the most famous and revered American fashion models. However, after seeing her in many swimsuits, pictures showing her round ass and sexy boobs surfaced and made her even more famous than she was a couple of years ago.

19. Olivia Munn

Olivia is an American actress and model with amazing tits and a banging body. She is also involved in the fappening, but she does more than show some mediocre pussy. She was once candidly photographed on her fours worshiping a mighty dick by slobbering her sly tongue all over it. Obviously, her bikini pics are as seductive as hell. And, oh, be I forget. The paparazzi did an excellent job last summer when they nabbed a rare photo of her carelessly and drunkenly flashing her baby cave for the perverts to fap to. Go easy, fellas.

20. Amber Heard

I can’t tell of the things I’d do to be Johnny Depp for a day just to spend it with this woman. The American actress even has an erotic nude video showing her tits and nice ass as she strips for your fappening pleasure.

21. Lena Headey

As if the sex scenes in Game of Thrones were not enough, Lena Heady has loads of private photos online most leaked through the celebrity iCloud hack. The English actress’ boobs look even better than in the movies, and her sin orifice is so inviting.

22. Alyson Hannigan

This American actress is another example of a good girl with an entirely nasty side. Alyson has one of the best pairs of titties you will ever see, and that ass looks just perfect. Despite being a little older than some celebrities on this list, she still got it going on.

23. Bryce Dallas Howard

As an actress, producer, writer, and a director, Bryce is among the few stars in Hollywood with multiple roles. As such hacked Hollywood photos of her sexy titties were expected to surface online and they were very much welcome for the fappening.

24. Reese Witherspoon

This American actress might complain of being the only woman in a set full of men t most times, but I’m sure the people surely enjoy her company. Now at least even you can enjoy company from her leaked nudes showing her lovely pair of melons and smooth legs.

25. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is the type of woman that you will leave your girlfriend for without a second thought. Fappening pictures of her big round jugs and Mexican booty are all over the internet; she even has a couple of videos as well.

26. Elizabeth Olsen

Silent House and Liberal Arts might have introduced the world to this American actress, but her kinky nature left many wishing to see more. Fappening videos and photos of her spreading her sexy legs will surely set fire to your thirsty loins!

27. Dakota Johnson

She might be a mother of two, but this American accent always leaves everybody speechless. Her photo shoots in see-through bikinis and scenes from 50 Shades of Grey were amazing, but her nudes are even more astounding.

28. Jessie Nizewitz

Stripper turned actor, Jessie is not a girl new to seeing her titties or pussy on the internet. She even had an incident with CH1 after her sweet wet hole was aired without being blurred on the Dating Naked television series. They are several things you can be proud of, but that is certainly not one of them.

29. Charlize Theron

This South African and American actress can beat you up in a minute, thanks to the internet, you can also beat yourself to her. Fappening pictures of this blonde not only show her flexibility but sexy looking tits and banging body as well.

30. Abigail Spencer

Abigail is a gorgeous American actress that was heavily featured in the celebrity iCloud hack with over 40 pictures and some videos. The actress opens up her long legs and lets her fingers play with her wet pussy for your amusement.

31. Rosario Dawson

She may be making a lot of men jealous lately with pictures of her tongue touching that of Eric Andre, but this American actress is far from the good girl she seems. You should see her shaved pussy and big round tits.

32. Paula Patton

Sorry, Robin Thicke, you snooze, you lose bro. This American actress has a body that would make a man slap his wife for nothing. The juicy boobies and glamorous ass only make it worse.

33. Victoria Justice

Victoria Dawn Justice became a celebrity at the age of ten. The American singer and actress saw photos of her perky tits and sweet snatch circulate to the joy of thousands across the world thanks to the recent mass celebrity iCloud hack.

34. Leelee Sobieski

This American actress has the type of rack you just want to bury your face in and falls asleep. More so, hacked Hollywood photos reveal pointy nipples while a video of her strip teasing will leave your mouth wide open.

35. Bar Refaeli

Refaeli is a T.V host, actress, model, and businesswoman. The fappening was glad to showcase a picture of her stretching her tight ass with her ladybits gaping ever so invitingly hanging just below. Be sure to use some lube, my thirsty mates, it’s necessary here.

36. Yvonne Strahovski

This blonde Australian actress only recently posed nude, but some pictures of her sexy boobs were already circulating. Yvonne has a rack to live for, and her tall legs help make her ass look big and round.

37. Megan Boone

After seeing Megan’s titties, I bet you will wish to be in the next episode of Blacklist. This American actress has it all, from a cool look with dreamy eyes that can get you falling in love to a nice round ass from Megan Boone.

38. Miranda Kerr

This Australian model is another that aided the fappening thanks to the celebrity iCloud hack. The cute smile and gorgeous hair are only compliments to her fine looking ass and round tits.

39. Rachel Nichols

She might be almost forty, but Rachel Nichols is as hot as thy come. She has lovely plump mugs and a body to die for in over 20 pictures released during the fappening.

40. Gabrielle Union

I remember I had a crush on this sweet brown actress once upon a time. And if you watched her stupendously sexy cheer-leading role in the movie ‘Bring it On,’ then you know that the tag ‘round and brown‘ is not a reserve for breakfast donuts. You will not see an ass better than Gabrielle Unions’ and the tits on this woman are just as amazing, perfect addition to the fappening. On the real, though, Union has been grossly under-estimated in the glitz and glamour realm. Ask any thirsty brother here, and they will quickly confess to you how fantastic it would be to grab that toned smooth posterior.

41. Candice Swanepoel

Victoria Secret did enough to make this South African model a little famous, but most people knew her after she lost the lingerie’s and bikinis. An excellent addition to the fappening for models with firm round titties.

42. Kristen Stewart

Born to parents already in show business, this American actor isn’t new to her nudes being online. If anything, she seems to enjoy it with her hands rubbing her hard nipples and a sexy camel toe showing below.

43. Lizzy Caplan

Forget Abigail Spencer; you should see hacked Hollywood photos of American actress Lizzy Caplan. If it’s not the ass that will get you popping your eyes, it’s her hard round brown nipples.

44. Katie Holmes

Ever since Dawson Creek, every man has wanted so see what this American actress is all about. The fappening didn’t disappoint with over 20 photos showing nice saggy melons and a sexy ass.

45. Deborah Ann

Deborah Ann is another American actress with an incredible rack. The celebrity iCloud hack is to thank for gracing the fappening with photos of her beautiful pussy and firm looking boobs.

46. Sara Jean

Often seen in lingerie, this American model added to her stardust after pictures of her pussy went online. From nude yoga to bending over to reveal a tight cunt, Sara has done it all.

48. Gwen Stefani

Known more for her music, this American singer, songwriter cum fashion designer has had some revealing moments. However, none could add to the fappening like pictures of her hanging pussy lips and d-shaped tits.

49. Meg Turney

An American model, vlogger, cosplayer, and internet personality, Meg Turney is among the sexiest women on earth. She is also reservedly naughty, and it’s no wonder pictures of her round tits were included in the fappening.

50. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is hands down the hottest MILF American actress. If anything, most of us survived adolescence by beating our meat while staring at her bikini photos while envisioning our humongous History teacher parting her thighs. But that was a few decades ago. Funny enough, though, her boobs look just as firm and many perverts are excited to see her make it to this list.

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