Fappening Part 1

Outrageous! Celebrity Nude Leaked Photo Gallery
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iCloud Hacked Leaked Fappening Nude Celebrity Pictures Exposed

Movie stars always improved their self’s with leaked nude celebrities pictures exposed to get their Hollywood popularity status higher and good looking bodies in the spotlight as their resumes. They always had some sort images off them taken where they where either misbehaving or had some sort of scandalous pictures taken of them hidden by paparazzi, well we are happy to such sexy things of some very famous people. Proud to release all these filth now days Hollywood stars do. If you want to live large and be the rich and famous you need to show some flesh, this is true even to Marilyn Monroe her self as well. The extreme amount (NSFW) amount continue part 2 list and the amazing stolen story’s continue.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Here we go presenting to you the hottest celeb in Hollywood Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games series and X-Men, boy oh boy if you have not yet seen this girl then your really missing out on some naughty Lawrence juicy pictures she is phenomenal.

Paula Patton Warcraft Nude Orc Chick Real Pics Revealed | Ximage 37

0. Paula Patton

If she was not so famous before then Warcraft movie Orc girl Paula Patton is one hot piece of ass! She played in the World of Warcraft video game made movie role as Garona a half breed Orc in this amazing movie.

Most of these popular actors and actresses personal Polaroids where released to the public in 2014 called the by (WikiPedia).

Star Wars Girl Daisy Ridley Nude Photo Awakens | Ximage 19

1. Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley rose to stardom after her role as Rey in the record-shattering 21st Century adaptation of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens. Now most of you had probably never heard of her before or watched any of her prior films, but after the biggest movie this year. I’m pretty certain The Force awakened some primitive urge in you to trawl the internet for Star Wars Daisy Ridley photos. Good thing I always have a fix for all my junkies. Before her more renowned casting, she featured in the British film Silent Witness with Daisy Ridley and happened to have a few scenes. It’s only a bone, but it’s something. Let’s hope the Forbes Top 30 under 30 break-out star has more indiscretions planned out for us in what is certainly cut out to be an illustrious scandalous career.

Rihanna Full leaked celebs Photo Leaked Collection | Ximage 38

2. Rihanna

When it comes to Rihanna is like incarnation. The Grammy Award winning pop icon has metamorphosed (did I spell that right?) from an adorable teen jail-bait to an almost always half disturbed dominatrix. Rihanna’s has done covers for nearly all magazines under the sun. Our interests, however, lie in the more unexpected occasions when rapper Rihanna private collection where stolen. There’s a certain level of satisfaction in knowing that she didn’t want you to see this, don’t you agree? Well she said it herself, good girl gone bad and it only took a short time for her to go rogue. We hope soon she will be giving us more reasons to want spank that nice ass.

Have You Seen Amy Adams Nude Before?

3. Amy Adams

Lemme warn you well in advance. This is Superman’s woman. Reading any further just goes to prove what kind of horny fool you are. I will not be held liable for anything that happens to you. Well, here’s the weird thing about Amy Adams. She’s played the riveting Loise Lane in Man Of Steel, but she also slept with Christian Bale (Batman) in another movie. It’s all coming together isn’t it? The whole premise behind the Superman vs Batman Movie. In any case, that’s got nothing to do with us but the icloud leak got her as well. Let’s check out Amy Adams personal images from this smoking hot red head are amazing to stare at.

Legit Nudes Of Cameron Diaz Pics Leaked! | Ximage 23

4. Cameron Diaz

This Hollywood A-luster bears a striking resemblance to the duplicitous goddess of love and war, who I admit I had never laid eyes on until I caught a glimpse of Cameron Diaz. Diaz is a tease, make no mistake. At first glance you imagine you’re gonna get a whole lot of naughty Cameron Diaz material related to her, until you don’t. Other than the deliberate “sex scenes” on some of her films offering the occasional hint of a nipple, there’s zilch. She also did a Soft-core movie when she was 19 years old in full leather clothing with her tits all out and doing a S&M scene. But even Cameron Diaz can’t run away from her past. Back in the day when she was just a model, she di a few risqué photo shoots and we got our hands on the whole batch!

Nicki Minaj Nude Your Anaconda Won’t Sit Still On This One! | Ximage 2

5. Nicki Minaj

Nicki is a walking thirst trap. She is like something straight from an animated adult comic. Everyone wants to see this head Nicki Minaj Barbie and I guess this just the next natural thing. Being one of hip hops and Hollywood’s sexiest ladies, it is no surprise she was one of the targeted ones after the iCloud photo leaks.

Born Onika Tanya Maraj, Nicki is known for her bodacious body and has never had reservations when it comes to granting men their best wet dreams. Ohh well, for the time being, the lucky bustard hitting this prime specimen is the disgraced rapper Meek Mill.

CRAZY! Natalie Portman Leaked NUDE Photo Collection | Ximage 13

6. Natalie Portman

Boy oh Boy, don’t I love all these untamed glory from Star Wars first episodes Padme! Of course not because she is anything close to the hottest piece of ass in town in fact Natlaie Portman has the sexiest body of another skinny girl undergoing puberty but this is what makes her pretty hot right?. The 25 years old is known to be a chilled out girlfriend who when heartbroken will go cry-cry and start getting violent just as her songs attest but more importantly Natalie Portman loves for the scandal that caused her fame! Yes good girls go bad too in as much as she loves keeping her personal life private, she also has no problem over sharing when the brand is just right. And damn she even had a sex tape smash!!!

The Megan Fox Nude Pics You Ever Searched | Ximage 64


7. Megan Fox

This hot Transformer girl Megan Fox hottest pictures around all times, Megan Fox best body and all the curves and heck she plays in the Transformer movie.


All Time Kim Kardashian Nude Photo Collection | Ximage 56

8. Kim Kardashian

Kim is probably the queen of selfies. She does it for fun; she does it for money and hell I don’t know for what else but what I know is she will get in her birthday suit just to keep her name on our mouths. Mrs. West is definitely the proprietor of the most coveted booty in the world. She is a self absorbed woman who takes selfies every now and then. Kim Kardashian is one of the many who see nothing wrong from being Kardashian showing a little flesh not in showing the entire flesh leaving nothing for our wild imagination. Are we not just happy for your generosity Mrs. West!! The bootylicious queen has appeared without cloth in magazines and photo shoots. She is a subject to many fantasies but a word of caution to all thirsty ass boys out there, going by Kanye’s leaks, Kim only messes with guys that are packing !! Yes too bad for your tiny eggplants.

Justin Bieber leaked celebs Penis All Time Photo Collection | Ximage 8

9. Justin Bieber

Yes its a man! The #whatdoyoupeen star is a symbol of what being young, hunk and rich can do to you. Justin Bieber decided to let it all out in Borabora perhaps to give his ladies fan another Justin Bieber Fever!! The Ontario Born musician and songwriter has not only been giving us his latest lyrics of what do you mean but he decided to go all the way to make it what do you peen.

So how does it feel to be young and famous? Well Justin dick pics should tell us. And ladies, those of you of who were still wondering whether Bieber’s cork is as beautiful as him, yes he has a big cork and perhaps this will make up for all his past transgressions.

Ariana Grande leaked celebs Nude Photo Leak! | Ximage 7


10. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s is a combination of young, super hot, innocent and sexy. Her small body captivates with some indescribable sexual energy. Her innocent shy smile makes you think she must be a daddy’s girl. Unlike most of the slutty girls out there Ariana is known to be young and sweet girl who got her professional start in a role with a Broadway musical called 13. She made her first music appearance in 2011 and since then has been flaunting Ariana small ass on stage. Apparently, her experience on the Nickelodeon casting couch and TV show “Victorious” prepared her well for taking selfies and clearly, she has just begun to scratch the surface of her whorish potential. He-he no wonder Big Sean said “I don’t fuck with you , you little dumb ass bitch .” and took off.

Ronda Rousey Nude Pics Of The Ultimate Feisty Chic | Ximage 17

11. Ronda Rousey

Being one the sexiest women in the competitive females fighting sports Ronda ensured she was going to win in something in case she lost in sports. The Rousey complete pics of the ultimate feisty chic to another level and this time she decided to pose naked. In her words during the Conan interview she felt it appropriate to show some little extra skin. Her preferred method of fighting is the UFC classic Ground and pound …Yes I know you saw some sexual innuendo in that. After been defeated by Holly Homs last year, Ronda-Rousey has been keeping it low until she announced her 2016 plans. She is going to pose in her birthday suit once again. Boys you can now fuel your unholy fantasies of Ronda Rousey. Daaaaamn who wouldn’t like to tap this?? Guess I got good news for you boys unlike most fighters who would shy from sex 6 weeks prior their fight, Ronda thinks for girls it raises their testerone. She gets banged as possible before I fight. Hahahahha goodbye

Selena Gomez Nude Leaks: Yup All Real Pics! | Ximage 7

12. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is another sweet piece of ass that walked from Disney. She is drop dead gorgeously hot as hell. Her misfortunes began when she started dating internet machine Justin Bieber. This is when she graduated into one of those armature sextets. Too bad the iCloud hack got her and Selena’s confirmed images ensured she bared it all. Selena is truly a subject to many fantasies. With her toned up body a beautiful aureole and a tight just the right size ass makes you wonder what effing is wrong with Justin to leave such piece of ass. But that is a story for another day. Meanwhile as Selena is busy promoting her upcoming album ensure you take a look at her album cover photo. This might be your subject of wet dreams.

Miley Cyrus Leaked Nudes: We Just Can’t Stop! | Ximage 2

13. Miley Cyrus

Yikes. Don’t you think Miley has finally hit the ceiling with her antics where she flashes her boobs and pull down her panties? The 22 year old is definitely craziest being under the sun today. I have always had a feeling after the corruption of Hanna Montanna and Cyrus, Miley is trying to brand herself as more than just a musician. Her pictures are all over the internet in poses that are hmm, not for the faint of heart.
If your lifelong goal , probably your calling or what you have ever wanted to do is sit back live breathe and look at pictures of Miley Cyrus then you are definitely living in your own golden age.
The internet’s appetite for former Disney’s stars in flesh will certainly not be sated and Miley being philanthropic with the internet, she bares everything for them . As to for her latest diary of dirty hippie in V magazine, the former Disney star appears completely in her birthday suit.

Did You Missed leaked celebs Kirsten Dunst Nude Pictures? | Ximage 1

14. Kirsten Caroline Dunst

Just when I thought the storage hack was over, Kirsten Dunst homemade stolen pics appeared. Kirsten Dunst (born April 30, 1982) is an American actress, singer, model and director. Kirsten is known for her role as Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker’s crush, in Spiderman. Kirsten started her career much earlier than most. Wanna take a guess? At 3, she was already modeling and featuring in commercials. By the time she was 6 (with 3 solid years of experience under her diapers) Woody Allen saw it fit to give her a role in his 1989 film, Oedipus Wrecks. After moving to LA, stardom came naturally. By 1994, she was already acting alongside Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. This is a woman who at 13 got named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. 13! 13 and the vultures at People Magazine were already circling. Must have been a feeding frenzy when she became legal. Like many before her, she was not spared in the massive Apple iCloud hacking. Unfortunately for her and (yippee for us), poor Spidey couldn’t save her from this one. If you have never seen perfect boobies, this is your lucky day. Weirdly enough though is that she was a pretty good sport about it on Twitter. Now I won’t feel guilty if I take another peek.
Comedian Amy Schumer Comfortable With Nude Photos | Ximage 7

15. Amy Schumer

This year Pirelli calendar broke the mold. Amy Schumer was among the women who broke the long tradition of having scantily dressed Amy Schumer fat model pose for the calendar shoot. This time accomplished women featured in the shoot among them Serena Williams. Apart from Amy being different from other pics she also feels like the picture inspired her. For a moment she appreciates her body in spite of the few rolls she has packed in her stomach and it also brings out her stunning sexual confidence. The Train-wreck star is not like the another good girl gone wild and never got her, as you can see from the picture she tries to use her arms to conceal her nipples and leaves the skin for her secret admirers. Atleast we still have some good girls out there in Hollywood, right??

Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones Full Nude Scene Gallery | Ximage 23

16. Emilia Clarke

Game of Thrones super star Emilia Clarke’s is hot well all know, the show is known for getting topless and she has plenty of it as the Dragon Queen in GoT.


Ariadna Gutierrez Miss Universe 2015 Poses Nude | Ximage 9

17. Ariadna Gutierrez

Miss Universe Ariadna Gutierrez of the year 2015 who actually lost to Philippine contestant but Steve Harvey announced the winners name wrong due to not wearing his glasses, she became the most talked about star however tough and Vivid adult video production owner offered her 1 million dollars to do porn but she turned down the offer. How ever Gutierrez accepted for Colombian magazine in 2016 February but then she never did and her fame vanished.

WOW! See Paris Hilton Nude Pics & Sex Tape Video | Ximage 1

18. Paris Hilton

Did you miss out on Paris Hilton bare butt ass laying on her back getting some hot pounding sex? This sluts has showed us many times that she can’t seem to keep her breasts in any of her bra’s, they just keep popping out all for the public to see in her sex-tape series and she is all the sex tape queen of all time.

Pamela Anderson All Nude Photos With Last Playboy Issue | Ximage 45

19. Pamela Anderson

Well all time famous Baywatch girl Pamela Anderson might be getting in to her 50’s but it is a classic and she set the trend for including being featured Playboy cover girl at least 5 times in the Magazines history. So we have all of Pamela full frontal magazine shoots through out the years she was active.

Every Nude Photo of Megan Good Leaked | Ximage 6

20. Meagan Good

Meagan Good you have too see this hot ebony and should now! Well folks Meagan Good has kept the blogs buzzing so let check out all the juicy Meagan flashy photos, cant hide from the cyber thiefs!

Musician Romeo Miller leaked celebs Frontal Pics | Ximage

21. Romeo Miller

When Rome Miller real revealing things where exposed we where beginning to wonder why did Master P’s son decided to drop his lil name but now I do not need to wonder anymore. Yes people it is male modeling and penises involved, what you thought that only females get their cellphone pics robed only?

Full Collection of Jenny McCarthy Nude Photos | Ximage 45

22. Jenny McCarthy

Well folks you all got to remember and know Jenny McCarthy who is now Mark Wahlbergs brothers wife by the way if you didn’t know. McCarthy leaked raunchy photos speak for them self’s that Jenny’s real pictures rock and McCarthy is freaky when it comes to sex. THis chick can not be missed and have to be seen!

Singer Vanessa Hudgens All Time Nude Leaked Pics | Ximage 3

23. Vanessa Hudgens

This bitch Vanessa and filth is know for Hudgens selfies since 2009, Vanessa’s all time stolen pictures prove she is a attention slut when it comes to release all her photos of her cunt.

Cuban American Vida Guerra Leaked Nude Pics | Ximage 11

24. Vida Guerra

Have you seen Vida Guera total camera shots? She is a hot Cuban American model the Vida pics are unbelievable for this one who has rose through stardom with her extremely muscular Latina ass and her pussy are just up close and personal.

Best Christina Aguilera Nudes Pictures of All Time | Ximage 13

25. Christina Aguilera

Full collection on Christina also got hacked and Christina Aguilera apparently, it seems no one wants to keep their clothes on when taking a selfie nowadays and this is why the hacking commerce and became a monotone.

Top Leaked Heather Morris leaked Photo Collections | Ximage 22

26. Heather Morris

Let us take a look at Heather Morris, and let us tell you that Heather did decided to surprise us with yet another pregnancy due in 2016. With over 7 billion people we can’t just have enough babies.


27. Kesha Rose

This crazy bitch really thinks that she is an Alien from out of space, her odd and weird personality made her famous and then came all the Kesha controversy. Where Kesha without cloth instead showed everyone how hard she can suck on her boyfriends dick like her life was dependent on it.


28. Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki

The Jersey Shore reality star Snooki has the most raunchiness talked about back in the early 2000’s she started the entire Kardashian bullshit because Snooki loves natural knew how to get more publicity with hot pics and just being trashy in Hollywood.

The leaked celebs Leaks of Adrienne Bailon Collections | Ximage 8

29. Adrienne Bailon

Here is all the sexy real pics of Adrienne Bailon best pics that have been compromised it is always said, nothing good comes with the Kardashians and that’s now confirmed. How ever these sexy Bailon snapshots will rock your world she looks really without cloth on.

Celeb Casandra Ventura leaked celebs Photo Macy's Leaks | Ximage 14

30. Cassie Ventura

Cassie Ventura’s super pictures rock and Puff Daddy’s new girlfriend is hot and if you wonder how Cassie looks without cloth. Then read on how does it feel to be young pretty, Well Cassie also known as Casandra Ventura should tell us that.

Top 35 Nude Photo Collection of Christina Hendricks | Ximage 9

31. Christina Hendricks

She was voted best looking American woman and for her role in Mad Man TV series. Christina Hendricks has revealing selfies but not many do, but those Hendricks big breasts oh boy they serious and yes we got the those 2 milk jugs popped out with full nipples showing!

Super Bowl Lady Gaga All Time Nude Pictures (80 PICS) | Ximage 78

32. Lady Gaga

We all know Lady Gaga for her being very open about and has plenty of pics when it comes to art, how ever she hosted the hugest national even Super Bowl 50 in USA history and she sang the national anthem which gave her a lot of credit. That does not mean that Super Bowl Gaga slut pictures Super Bowl 50 available to see on CelebNews because we have more then 80+ nastiness of her so go ahead and take a look them.

American Teenager Renee Olstead Full Nude Photo Set 36

33. Renee Olstead

Presenting Renee Olstead home made pics is an American actress and singer. She has been active since childhood as an actress, and we all pretty much know her for the roles in The Secret Life of An American Teenager as Madison Cooperstein. You got to see Renee flaunting pics they are really hot.

The Edge Nudes of Emily Blunt Pictures is Tomorrow 13

34. Emily Blunt

The Edge of Tomorrow Emily Blunt yoga pictures, she is know for great performance. And since she did the Scifi movie with Tom Cruise she got some fame and oh boy she looked so good in that movie. How every Emily does have some pics but it is not from the icloud hack times. That a lot of people had no idea she had some scenes made at all since she is a mom she does not take her cloth off much for movies.

See All Zoe Kazan Never Before Seen Nude Photo Collections | Ximage 45

35. Zoe Kazan

Kazan made her official debut in Swordswallowers and after the 2014 released pics and Zoe Kazan crazy iCloud hack. She had so many revealing stolen selfie released it is beyond, and this chick freaking loves taking selfies without any cloth. We are firm believers that Kazan loves taking pictures of her self.

60 Nude Pics of Sexy Hayden Panettiere 22

36. Hayden Panettiere

Well folks you gotta know this hottie from the Heros series, she is that hot blonde main actress you all fapped on. All Hayden Panettiere selfies and she is not shy at all. Panettiere’s private life she is a party girl and Hayden demonstrated paparazzi photos reveal that tiny pussy and full frontal body.

Full Set Collection of Leven Rambin Nude Pictures 3

37. Leven Rambin

She got the short end of the stick and got not as much famous from The Hunger Games like her counter part Jennifer Lawrence, however Leven Rambin has some nice topless selfies we get to see. If Leven had explicit pictures like her co-worker then Rambin won the contest because her body is much sexier.

Supergirl TV Series Melissa Benoist Nude Hardcore Pics 1

38. Melissa Benoist

Yes people Melissa Benoist is the girl from the new Supergirl series and Benoist hardcore home made porno pictures fucking her boyfriend, this girl just shows us all how really pure filth Hollywood can be and that even if you show it all off you get more popular or better roles. We not hating your a good fuck Melissa Benoist.

AT LAST! We Get to Perv on Katy Perry Nude (PICS) 3

39. Katy Perry

Well this is another of Disney’s creation big breasted Katy Perry has not shown us that much of skin but Perry full hot body have been surfaced. How ever there is a full Perry frontal selfie showing Katy bare and she seems to loves being without any cloth on.

Hottest Nude Pics of Jennette McCurdy Ever Leaked! 2

40. Jennette McCurdy

After finally getting her own show since Ariana Grande took all her fame away, Jennette McCurdy has some seriously cool selfshots that you will enjoy looking at. So with our recommendations if you want to see the cutest star in Hollywood then check out McCurdy cute  jaw dropping private photos.

The Real Britney Spears Full Nude Photos | Ximage 26

41. Britney Spears

It has been a while since Britney Spears sang Baby One More time, but we do have all the real Britney paparazzi photos snapped of Britney Spears did she was hot in her days and still is, to bad Paris Hilton corrupted this Louisiana pretty girl.

Top Pics of Scarlett Johansson Full Nude and Video 11

42. Scarlett Johansson

Ah yes she is the hot blonde from the movie Avangers Scarlett’s private cellphone photos that where exposed, her sex scenes of Scarlett Johansson are interesting from the movie Under The Skin where she is a kidnapper and molests man, oh please steal me and rape me Johansson full frontal body would make me cum.

Got to See Nude Emily Ratajkowski Leaked Pics 108

43. Emily Ratajkowski

Sports Illustrated model girl Emily Ratajkowski with tons of hot pics has been talked about all the time, and Ratajkowski full bald pussy with lots of hot steamy pics you will for sure pop. Sure she is not Kate Upton however Emily might be actually hotter then her counter part. She is definitely a release for your eyes to see.

All The Leaked Nude Pictures of Teresa Palmer 1

44. Teresa Palmer

Actress from the the thriller Restraint is beautiful and Teresa Palmer vacation honeymoon photos speak for them self’s she is a cutie pie. To be honest Teresa vacation Snapchat speak for them self being a true nude celeb cam whore.

All Time Victoria Justice Full Nude Set of Leaked Pics | Ximage 42

45. Victoria Justice

Musician and actress Victoria Justice was a victim to her exposed back in 2014 just like many other, how ever many people like Justice pretty girl proved that its her body, besides singing and many criticize her having no talent.


46. Brie Larson

We all know this beauty Brie Larson from the Room movie and Larson Oscar Winner pictures are fantastic and a must see.

These Nude Amber Rose Pics Have to Be Seen! | Ximage 9

47. Amber Rose

Amber Rose outrageous pictures are old news is not shy at all, these are just outrageous she shows her twat off like a real adult star and plays with her self, then leaks a home made sex tape. Of course these Amber pictures have to be seen that’s for sure.

All Time Nude Pictures of Lake Bell | Ximage 2

48. Lake Bell

These actresses like Lake Bell just love when their pics are exposed out to the public, and Bell enjoys open normal pictures. They are no different and a must to eye candy for you.

Best Adriana Lima Nude Pics Ever Released | Ximage 19

49. Adriana Lima

These Victoria Secret models now days just show it all off for us, yet Adriana Lima has some really good nudes that are professional and very pleasing to the eye. So if you like these Victoria’s secret angels then Adriana flying topless will make you cum.

Real Nude Pictures of Sarah Hyland Leaked! | Ximage 6

50. Sarah Hyland

The Vampire Academy actress girl is pretty hot and Sarah Hyland prove that she is. Or if you enjoyed watching Modern Family TV series and fantasized about Hayland of this attractive body then you gotta see them.


Well folks this sums up plenty of naughty girls at celebnews.net that have been caught or actually released online, who knows which is true to be honest we really think they do it as a competition. All your favorite stars in our A-Z Index released in the fappening at first on 4chan. After all its really cool that these super stars show their bodies off because it leaves more for us to fantasize about or perhaps FAP one. Hope you guys enjoyed our collection of exposed scandals and there is a lot more to come, also if you have something to say then leave us a comment.
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Musician Romeo Miller Naked Frontal Pics | CelebNews

Musician Romeo Miller Naked Frontal Pics

Full Collection of Jenny McCarthy Nude Photos | CelebNews image 45

Full Collection of Jenny McCarthy Nude Photos