Celeb Cassie Ventura Naked Photo Macy’s Leaks

Celeb Cassie Ventura Naked Photo Macy's Leaks | CelebNews image 14

If You Wonder How Cassie Ventura Looks Nude Then Read

How does it feel to be young sexy and naked? Well Cassie also known as Cassie Ventura should tell us that. Back in 2009, her twitter account was hacked and her naked pics shared all over the internet and that makes us wonder why on earth someone would store such sensitive pics on social media. There is only one answer to that, she knew they would find their way into the public domain so she gets to get the publicity while us get fulfill our secret fantasies. But we don’t mind it; this is like my all time dream come true.
At first you would take Cassie for an innocent girl especially after featuring in the dance movie step up to the street. Well Selena Gomez should do a nude perfume video with on and off boyfriend Justin Bieber it be a lot more steamy. But there is always that ratchet side of celebrity that is soon to be unveiled such as Christina Hendricks big boobs naked images floating around.

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Cassie Ventura and Puff Daddy Nude Soft-core Video

This is the banned video ad for their new perfume ad that suppose to be sold at Macy’s but it got censored and had to be redone completely.

Just the other day she featured in a raunchy ad of fragrance 3am with her boyfriend business mogul P. Diddy. Now forget Kim Kardishian’s raunchy photo shoots, Diddy and Cassie have officially outdone her. The 28 year old in this clip makes Christian Grey look tame. With several scenes of nudity and stimulated sex the ad was banned from TV and the star had to re-shoot it a number of times for it to be suitable for Macy where the fragrance was supposed to be launched.



Born Cassie Ventura in August 26th 1986, in London, is of Filipino African-American, Mexican and West Indian descent. She began modeling at the age of 14 and after high school instead of going to college; she decided to go to New York to follow her modeling dream. Soon she was discovered by producer Ryan Leslie and that is how she got into music.
That said, I know some perverts are still drooling over all over this untamed glory especially the one between her crotches. I wish you all the best and fantastic wet dreams.

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